Hi! My name is Emily Murray and I am a registered dietitian in the Greater Nashville Area.

On this blog, I share parts and pieces of my eating disorder recovery that I believe will offer others insight, hope, and healing. After personally experiencing eating disorder recovery, I believe that God has placed a calling on my life to help others experience hope and healing through proper nourishment of the mind, body, and spirit as a registered dietitian. My own recovery journey has solidified my belief that the nutrition therapy process must be individualized for each person. I am committed to being a voice of reason in a society that is bombarded by misinformation provided by the diet industry and self-proclaimed nutritionist. I invite you to stand with me in the hope, perseverance, courage, and flexibility that it takes to fully recover.


In my free time I enjoy writing, spending time at church, watching Grey’s Anatomy, playing with my dog, volunteering for Renewed Eating Disorder Support, and spending time with friends and family.



I grew up with my mom, dad, sister, and golden retriever in Thompson’s Station, TN. In May of 2017, I married my high school, and now reside with him in Franklin, TN.