IMG_9872“Getting support from someone who has fought similar battles as I’m fighting now has been one of the most powerful weapons in recovery. In moments when I’ve felt completely defeated, overwhelmed, and alone, Emily has met me every time with grace, understanding, and powerful reminders of God’s truth. Her willingness to share her strength, vulnerability, and wisdom with me has helped me overcome challenges in recovery that I used to believe were impossible.”

-Cara Allison, Belmont University Class of 2020

unnamed“Emily has been in my life a very long time, and knew each other before I developed anorexia and began recovery. I had long read Emily’s blog before I developed anorexia, however, it was actually one of her posts that “woke me up” and helped me realize that something might be wrong. When I was diagnosed with restrictive anorexia back in April, I felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Because I was able to bear witness to Emily’s incredible courage, strength, and dedication during her own recovery, I turned to her for support and clarity. Emily has given me so much strength and encouragement by helping me understand my eating disorder, holding me accountable in recovery, and by simply being the person that listens and understands. I didn’t have to explain myself to Emily; it is helpful to be able to vent on days when it feels like no one understands what I am going through. Emily has been my person when it comes to recovery support and insight. Whether it be through her blog posts, a phone call, or text message, Emily is a reminder for me every day that recovery is worth it.”

-Morgan White, UTK Class of 2021

IMG_9614“As a collegiate coach (and a former collegiate athlete), I have seen many friends, teammates, and other young women fighting anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.  I am in awe of how God has grown and equipped Emily through her life experiences, and the wisdom she is able to impart upon others from those experiences. Emily is a woman of extremely high character, full of empathy, and eager to share with others what God has revealed to her on her journey. I without a doubt would entrust anyone I know to Emily’s wisdom, perspective, and her very self.”

-Jessica Twaddle, Assistant Women’s Softball Coach at Murray State University

IMG_9689“I first met Emily when she came to speak to my nutrition class a year ago. My current nutritionist presented a lecture on eating disorders, and Emily was there to share her personal experience with anorexia and orthorexia. Emily and Reba both talked a lot about intuitive eating, and their words began to challenge my thoughts and behaviors related to food, nutrition, and exercise. I started to think that maybe I was missing something when they made no mention of calorie counting or avoiding the “bad” foods. It took me a year of reading her blog and the encouragement and concern of friends to finally ask for some help. I am beyond thankful that God placed me in that nutrition class, enabling my path to cross with Emily’s. Emily is my peer mentor as I am through nutrition counseling. I am incredibly grateful for someone who has been through it to help me on this journey. She lives what she talks about, and inspires me in this tough season. I am a long way from where I want to be, but I am learning little by little, and day by day. Words cannot express how grateful I am.”

-Mimi Cole, Vanderbilt University Class of 2020

“I connected with Emily through her younger sister, Julia, who is one of the residents in

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the dorm I live in. When I met Julia, I had been in recovery from anorexia for 3 months, and had just spent my summer in residential treatment. Julia connected me with Emily, and I began to read Emily’s blog. As a baby in recovery, it has been such a blessing to know someone who has been down this road and understands where I am at, but also reminds me that there is hope. Emily has also helped me find a phenomenal treatment team here in Nashville. In recovery, it is important to find a community of people that understands you and can remind you of truth when you can’t see it. I’m very thankful that Emily has become one of these people for me. Also, I’m really thankful that Emily shares how her faith has influenced her recovery. Spirituality is a big piece of recovery for me, and it’s a blessing that she can encourage me in all aspects of recovery-the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.”


-Peggy Miller, Lipscomb University Class of 2019