This is How I Fight My Battles: A Prayer for Healing

Father, I pray that your word would heal my heart-more so than any other medication, therapy session, or self-help technique.

Lord you do use those things and and other people in my life to aid in my healing; but Jesus, nothing can compare to the power of the cross.

You have no rival and nothing can act against you. Nothing compares to the healing power of your love, grace, wisdom, compassion, discernment, and understanding.


God I confess to you that I have often forgotten who I am in you and who you are compared to my anxiety and depression. I often feel like the victim, even though I know that I am fighting from a place of complete victory. I believe the lie that my mind and body will alway feel this way.

Jesus set me free from that lie, that bondage, and that way of thinking. Tear down the strongholds in my life that separate me from you. Help me break free from thought patterns that aren’t from you.

Father, I put on the helmet of my salvation for the renewing of my mind. I stand ready on your word and the truth of the gospel. I put on the belt of truth, so that I am rooted in your unwavering, unchanging word. I guard my heart against the enemy with the shield of faith. I pick up the sword of the spirit, not ready to back down or admit defeat. I proudly wear the breastplate of righteousness to remind me of who I am in you. 

God, I pray that you would help me to take every thought captive that is not from you, and that I would cover it with your truth.

Jesus I am tired and weary. I need supernatural strength, supernatural rest. I need an awakening in my heart from your Holy Spirit, from your life-giving power. I am so weak and helpless without you.

Father, I can’t count the number of times I’ve asked you to take this thorn out of my side, to rid my body of anxiety and depression.

I still believe that you can do that; but in the mean-time, in the waiting, help me to remember that YOUR GRACE is SUFFICIENT for ME, and that YOUR POWER is made PERFECT in WEAKNESS (2 Corinth. 12:19).

Lord change my heart and perspective. Give me rest and help carry my burdens. They are too heavy for me to bear, and your yoke is light. Guide me to that rest; lead me to that help.

Without you, I will fall apart. This world is too much for me but God I praise you and trust you because your word says that you have OVERCOME THE WORLD (John 16:33).

Lord God, whether it be on this side of heaven or not, I believe that you are the healer of all. I claim that over my life today.

I love you Jesus, and I thank you for the healing that has already happened.

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