King of My Heart


Y’all, sometimes my heart doesn’t feel right. Sometimes I can pinpoint why, and other times something just feels off. My heart longs for immediate gratification, complete understanding, and order + control. My heart isn’t tame; it loves fiercely and hurts deeply (both of which can get me in trouble at times). I can go from sorrowful to full of joy (and vice versa) within just a few minutes. My heart is unpredictable & has no filter. Above all, my heart reminds me that I am constantly in need of saving, in need of comfort, and in need of Jesus. 

Our hearts are so deceiving. Maybe other people aren’t as much of an emotional rollercoaster as I am. But we all can’t deny that our hearts are deceptive and broken. The prophet Jeremiah puts it like this: “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”¹

Our hearts are in need of saving, and that’s where Jesus comes in. Ezekiel prophesied that God would one day restore and transform our hearts: “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”²

A new heart.

A new spirit.

Not just a better one, but a completely new one. 

This heart is a precious gift from our father and we are to protect it as such. Proverbs 4:23 reminds us to guard our heart, because everything that we do flows from it.

God didn’t include this in his sacred truth for no reason. He reminded us to guard our hearts because he was sure that they would come under attack. He knew that a heart built on his truth would often be playing tug-of-war with our emotional responses and aches & pains of this world. He knew that we would be tempted by the enticing and evil desires of this world. He knew that the enemy would try to tamper and discourage a heart that has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

The song King of My Heart, written by Sarah McMillan, hits the nail on the head when it comes to this topic. In these lyrics, you will see a plead to God, that He would reign in the hearts of those he is king over, the hearts that rightfully belong to him.

But there is this thing called sin, that we will all be fighting against until the day that we see Jesus face to face. The good thing is that if you are a follower of Jesus, God is fighting for you not against you. Nothing can compare to our king. He knows how hard it is. He isn’t surprised with it, which is why sent Jesus to die on the cross to save us from his wrath. Yet, in our limited thinking and processing, we so often try to “fix” or satisfy our hearts with things other than our king, which always leaves us worse off than before. We can’t outrun or escape these things on our own. So what do we do? Run to our king. When I listen to “King of My Heart”  it reminds me that the answer is Jesus.

“Let the King of my heart
Be the mountain where I run
The fountain I drink from
Oh, He is my song
Let the King of my heart
Be the shadow where I hide
The ransom for my life
Oh, He is my song

Let the King of my heart
Be the wind inside my sails
The anchor in the waves
Oh, He is my song
Let the King of my heart
Be the fire inside my veins
The echo of my days
Ohh! He is my song.³

Jesus, be the mountain we run to. When we want to run away, may we run to you, not another relationship, dead-end path, or road that is outside of your will. We don’t want to chase anything short of your glory. We acknowledge that you are the mountain in which we will flee to in the last days. You are highly exhaulted lord; help us to fix our eyes on you.

Jesus, be the fountain we drink from. When we are unsatisfied and thirsty, be our living water. Satisfy our souls with your presence and your word. We are yearning for our hearts to be satisfied, and we often fill them with everything but you. Forgive us Lord and be our satisfaction. Be our everything. Quench our thirst with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, be our song, our battle cry of faith. We worship you and proclaim your goodness. We ask that you would help us process the things in our hearts. In sickness + health, sorrow + joy, death + life, and discontentment + satisfaction, may your glory shine through us. May we never stop praising you and proclaiming the good news that sets all people free.

Jesus, be the shadow where we hide, the rest that we desperately need. Comfort us when our physical and emotional limits are tested by the weight of this world. Reassure us that we will be okay. Remind us of our safety in you. Be our protector; our safe place in the scorching dessert. Help us to rest from the emotions + feelings that so easily drain + discourage us. When we want to curl up in a ball and hide from all of our responsibilities, relationships, and everyday realities, be the shadow in which we hide. May our time alone spent with you strengthen us and give us everything we need to walk in the scorching sun.

Jesus, be the ransom for our lives. May we understand our position before you: saved by grace & so deeply loved. Help us to rest in the work that has already been finished on the cross. Convict us when we try to perform for you with good works. We thank you for delivering us from death & the grave. May we not take our salvation for granted; may our lips never stop spreading the truth of the gospel.

Jesus, be the wind inside our sails. Help us to not become weary in doing good. Encourage us when we are down. Convict us when we are heading in the wrong direction. Holy Spirit be our internal compass, our teacher and our guide. Don’t allow us to stray from you.

Jesus, be the anchor in our waves. Be our strong tower when our world seems to be falling apart. Be the rock that we stand on. Hold us up so that we don’t get knocked down by the waves that are intended to harm us. Be our stability in situations that are unpredictable and out of our control. Level out our emotions when they are about to burst at the seems. When we feel like we are going to drown in the depths of the sea lead us to what is higher and greater than any circumstance. Lead us to you. Remind us of our blessed assurance, that we are marked with a seal and have a forever home in heaven. Jesus if its in your will, settle the waves + calm the storm. If not, sustain us until the day we see you face to face.

Jesus, be the echo of our days. May our lives be worth nothing to us unless we use it to tell others about the good news of the gospel. Be our meaning and purpose. Be our fire. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Jesus, be the king of our hearts.

1. Jeremiah 17:9

2. Ezekiel 36:26

3. “King of My Heart” By Sarah + John McMillan



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