Prayers + Petitions for Graduating Seniors

Prayer of Thanksgiving: Jesus, we praise you for sustaining us and helping us make it through this milestone in our life. You have sustained us on difficult days & late nights; you have provided for us financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You have been our strength and rock. You have taught us from our mistakes and corrected us when we have been wrong. You have used this season to equip us and mature us in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without it. You have lavished your love on us in the entire process, no matter how often our affection changed towards you on a daily basis. For many of us, you have trained us up in your truth and ways through campus ministries and the local church. Lord, may we not depart from the knowledge of you that we have gained in the past few years. Protect the word in our hearts. Recall scripture in our brains when we need it most. Continue to shape us into your image. May we abide in you so that we may bear much fruit for your kingdom during our short time here on earth. 

Jesus, keep us humble. Your Word says that you oppose the proud yet give grace to the humble.¹ Lord may we acknowledge you in all of our ways, giving you the glory for every bit of intellect & success in our lives. It is in you, Jesus, that we live, move, breathe & have our being.² Lord may we ask you for help in all of our days. Protect us from believing the lie that we are self-sufficient. We are nothing apart from you; saved by your grace only & loved even before we were known by you. May we not use our positions for personal gain. In our careers & families, may we work with integrity, respect, humility, and grateful hearts. YOU are the provider of all things; everything belongs to you. Help us to be good stewards of what you give us. May we live lifestyles that make much of you rather than much of ourselves; let them see you in us Jesus. 

Father, remind us to hate our sinthe same sin that helped nail you to the cross on that dark day in Golgotha. May we flee from the desires that so easily entice us. Set us free from the bondage of sin & spiritual strongholds; don’t allow us to settle in our sin. Rip it out of our hearts & lives; fill the empty void with your son. Your word says that if we are born-again believers we will not keep on sinning, because we are born of you.³ You care for us so much that you don’t allow us to stay on a path that devastates and destroys our relationship with you. The spirit that lives in us protects us from that. Don’t allow us to justify our actions that aren’t pure to you. Don’t let us grow lukewarm. Create in us a pure heart, O God, a heart that seeks your kingdom first.Convict us, correct us, protect us, & keep us on your path. 

Abba Father, may we remember who we are in you. We confess to you that it is so easy for us to forget who we are in you: beloved children, saved and redeemed out of your good and perfect plan. May we not define ourselves by my success, appearance, works, education, career, children, or marriage, but by who you say who we are: adopted, cherished, thought about, deeply loved, holy, blameless, justified, forgiven, redeemed, washed clean, & an ambassador of you. Lord, remind us to seek the approval of you rather than those around us. Help us to let go of the opinions of others. May we find our worth & meaning in you. 

God, help us walk in the spirit. Lord our hearts are prone to wander. We are so easily enticed by the ways of this world. We become distracted and disconnected from you, & as a result, our relationship with you & other people suffers. Lord your word says that those who walk in the flesh have their eyes on what their flesh desired, but whoever lives by the power of the Holy Spirit will have their eyes fixed on what the spirit desires.We become more like you when our eyes are on you. Set our hearts on eternity Jesus. Protect us from the schemes of the enemy and protect us with your mighty armor. Fight for us when we go astray.  

Jesus, forgive us. Forgive us for the ways that we have sinned against you and your children. Forgive us for looking to the things of this world to satisfy us. Forgive us for every empty work spoken and every rude remark. Forgive us for being self-centered. Wash us clean from the nagging feelings of guilt and shame for past mistakes. Pardon our transgressions. Help us to claim & own your forgiveness in our lives. Teach us from our past mistakes. May we live a life style of repentance & running back to you, no matter how many times during the day that it needs to happen. Remind us that repentance is freedom, not guilt or shame. Help us to talk in your forgiveness, so that we may freely forgive others who have hurt us or the people we love. Jesus, I know you know that it isn’t easy. Help us in those moments where our bitterness, hurt, & anger seem to be unbearable. Free us from the bitterness that can only destroy us, & not the person who heart us. Forgive us, so that we may forgive them.  

Father God, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Jesus, you of all people know that relationships are messy. You were betrayed by your closest friends just hours before you were nailed to the cross.You were spit on, mocked, beaten, & bruised. Your death was not justified; your abandonment was not merited. You were hurt more than any human being in history, yet on that torturous cross, you cried out, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”Your word says that people who don’t know you are lost, like sheep without a shepherd.8 Help us to walk in the same compassion that you did during your ministry here on earth. May we not become so frustrated with unbelievers that we separate ourselves from them and stay in our comfortable, close-knit christian circles. May we labor in prayer for friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers who don’t know you, and for the billions of unreached people across the world. Give us boldness & discernment when sharing the gospel. May we speak the truth in love, & back it up with our actions. Remind is that true love doesn’t affirm behaviors that separate us from you. In humility, with tears in our eyes and courage that only comes from you, use us to defend your word.

Jesus, be our peace. It is your peace alone that can allow us to stay calm and content in situations where we don’t understand. Soothe our anxious hearts. Quiet our minds. Help us to give up control, & give us opportunities to trust you. We lean into you, the great burden bearer.Your peace isn’t of this world; it’s supernatural, live-giving, & often unexplainable.10 Be the small, steady voice in the back of our minds that reminds us that “this too shall pass”, and that this world isn’t our home. You yourself are our peace. Fill us up with your abundant peace, that we may rest in it & share it with others in all of our days here on earth. 

Father, help us transition well. Transitions are hard. Change is uncomfortable. Moving is inconvenient. The unknown is scary. The “real world” can be daunting. Comfort our fearful hearts. Open our clenched fists. We trust you in this season of transition, even though everything in our heart is telling us not to. We know you are a good father, & we know that you are sovereign in every situation. May we transition in a way that draws us and the people around us closer to you. Be our provision in new jobs, summer internships, new marriages, and moving away from home. Draw us close to you. Help us to find a church community that we can connect with and serve in. Place people in our lives to pour into us, & for us to disciple. Help us embrace the change with positive attitudes & open hearts. We cling to your consistency in the change, for you are always the same God yesterday, today, and forever.


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