The Christian Response to the Outcome of the Election


I’ve tried to be pretty silent about the campaign & election this year because it’s honestly just really annoying if you’re that person who is blowing up everyones Facebook and posting articles every minute of the day either supporting your candidate of choice or bashing his or her opponent. Today it has just been on my heart to share what has been on my heart during this season. It’s easy to see that this election has ripped America apart, and divided it even more so than it was before this all started. It’s divided different races, groups of people, political parties, and Christians too.

It’s all too predictable about what people are going to say about the outcome of the election. If Donald Trump wins, democrats (and some republicans too) are going to throw their hands in the air, threaten to move to Canada, rally, complain, slander, and proclaim eternal judgement on America for electing an “ignorant, disgusting” man as our commander in chief. They are going to “praise God” that another democrat didn’t get into the oval, and that our country truly will have the chance to be “great again”. If Hillary Clinton wins, republicans (and some democrats too) are going to cry out in misery and frustration, demand recounts, and boldly proclaim that that we have a “liar, murderer, and cheater” as our president.

I know that all people aren’t like this…. I understand that this election is of great significance to my future and the future of our country. There are many people I know who genuinely care about our country and don’t support the actions of our candidates. I don’t want to minimize the magnitude and importance of this day. Before you start ranting about the differences in each platform and agenda, understand that….I get it. I’ve looked at the different platforms. I know that my beliefs line up with the republican platform. Many Christians want Donald Trump to become president because of the differences in the Democratic and Republican Platform. For most Christians, the most pressing issues are abortion and same-sex marriages. It is assumed that Donald Trump is going to appoint supreme court justices that will be against abortion and same-sex marriages, and that Hillary Clinton is going to appoint supreme court justices that will be for abortion and same-sex marriages. I understand the logic of those who want to vote for Donald Trump. Others refuse to support him because of the way he treats women. I understand that too.

For lack of better wording, I do support the republican platform. I am a Christian, I don’t agree with abortion and I don’t agree with same sex marriage because it is contrary to the word of God. God doesn’t delight in abortion and he doesn’t delight in same-sex relationships…he just doesn’t. Even when I don’t completely understand, I trust that the promises in the bible are true and that God’s word is to be treated as the Holy standard in which we are all called to live. He also doesn’t delight in heterosexual sin, pornography, adultery, divorce, slander, gossip, pride, self-sufficiency, apathy, idolatry, murder, stealing, & any sort of evil that infiltrates this earth. I also don’t agree with disrespecting God’s daughters, lying, stealing, cheating, scheming, slandering, and many other things that BOTH Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have done and will do.

We ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God….everyone, including you, including me, and including your presidential candidates. Our candidates are flawed, the republican platform is flawed, the democratic platform is flawed, and our nation is flawed. So why are we putting our hope in someone who literally cannot deliver the things that they have promised? I don’t support Donald Trump, I don’t support Hillary Clinton, I DID vote (don’t worry mom), and I have peace about this election knowing that whoever gets elected that God is COMPLETELY sovereign and in control of all of it. He is sovereign over the supreme court nominees. He is sovereign over every additional bill that will be passed in the next 4 years. No matter the outcome, God is in control.

This morning I have been asking God how I need to respond to the results of this election. The phrase that he laid on my heart was ,“Walk in humility and trust in me.”

I know that America has turned far away from God…it’s honestly heart breaking. I don’t wanna get into all of it because we all know too well that there is a lot going on right now that isn’t right and isn’t fair and isn’t glorifying God. I know that we need to repent and run to Jesus, and proclaim his name to those who don’t know him. That’s where I started this morning. Judgement starts in the house of God. As Christians, we can’t expect God to move on the behalf of our nation when we have own things in our hearts that we still need to make right with him. The Christian response to this election is NOT to immediately get on Facebook and post the first thing that comes to mind….no. It is to find a quiet place, cry out to God in prayer, confess our sins, confess the sins of our country, and beg God to heal our land. It is to love everyone around us despite who they voted for. It is to STOP slandering and gossiping about the presidential candidates and start lifting up the name of Jesus. It is to meditate on scripture, to cling to the word of God, and to lean into his power until THAT DAY when we meet Jesus face to face. My hope isn’t in our next president. My hope isn’t in the republican platform and the supreme court. My hope isn’t in the “greatness” of America. My hope is in a God who was willing to sacrifice his one and only son for me so that I would be free of God’s wrath and reconciled to him forever.




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